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IGA Membership Q & A

Here are answers to some questions you may have about joining the Iowa Geothermal Association.

Why Join the Iowa Geothermal Association? 
The Iowa Geothermal Association was formed in mid 1989 as a non-for profit association dedicated to providing services for its members and to help create a robust geothermal industry in the state of Iowa. There are many benefits the Association currently offers including representation at the Iowa Legislature and Plumbing Board, technical training, information exchange, free listing of your business on the IGA website’s public geothermal “Dealer Finder”, linking of your web site, and networking opportunities with your peers..

What is the annual membership fee to belong to the Iowa Geothermal Association? 
The annual membership fee depends on your type of business as listed on the membership application:

  • Contractor Member is any proprietor, partnership or corporation actively engaged in the business of designing, retail selling, installing or serving heat pump systems. Contractor members have the privilege to vote at elections on business pertaining to the Association.
  • Utility Members are either Investor Owned Utility or a REC/Coo-op Utility and have specific dues level.
  • Manufacturing Member is either a company that manufactures only parts while a Unit manufacture engineers and fabricates geothermal units.
  • An Equipment Distributor is a company that does not fabricate equipment

Is membership by company or individual?
Member (which may qualify for IGSHPA CEUs) and many companies have more than one member of the association. This allows better circulation of information when companies have more than one office or districts they operate from.

Does one have to be an Iowa Business to Join? 
No, the IGA provides for members from surrounding states and national business, manufactures and associations to join. The membership fee is the same.

What if one joins during the year? 
Membership in the IGA starts every October 1.

What is included in one’s membership? 
You will receive newsletters, e-mail updates of critical legislative actions, free listing on the “Dealer Finder” on the IGA website if you so request along with linking of your company web site to your “Dealer Finder” listing if so requested, along with access to training workshops, seminars and conferences at discounted member prices.

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