Iowa Geothermal Association

(Iowa Heat Pump Association)

Code of Ethics

  1. I will conduct myself as a professional with customers, IGA members and peers; minimizing unjust criticism of the association or its members.
  2. I will have the integrity to decline a job when it will do an injustice to the consumer, my profession, or myself.
  3. I will prepare heat loss/heat gain (Manual J HVAC) calculations and utilize loop field design technology for closed loop projects in accordance with accepted industry methods.
  4. I will clearly state contract terms and warranties in writing.
  5. I will fulfill commitments for delivery, installation, warranties, and servicing.
  6. I will abide by established industry standards for safety, quality, and performance.

  7. I will abide by applicable codes and by local, state and federal laws and regulations that govern my business.
  8. I will install and check the operation of all equipment according to manufacturers’ recommendations and will install or modify all air distribution systems according to recommended industry standards.
  9. I will acquaint the customer with system operation, owner maintenance procedures, and steps that should be taken before calling for service.
  10. I will make every effort to promptly address any cause of dissatisfaction.
  11. I am committed to continuing industry education for myself and staff, and will consider new technologies, service techniques, and methods made available by manufacturers, the Geothermal Association or others.
  12. As a distributor or manufacturer, I will provide training, support, and will sell products only through qualified installers/contractors and will abide by manufacturers’ warranty policies.