2018 IGA Conference Tentative for 2/6 & 2/7/2018

Member Application

Membership Application For Joining Iowa Geothermal Association
To apply for membership, please download and fill ouot the printable application using the link on this page. Please mail your completed application along with the appropriate amount for dues to: IGA, 2200 NW159th #400, Clive, IA 50325

The Iowa Geothermal Association was formed in mid 1989 as a non-for profit association dedicated to providing services for its members and to help create a robust geothermal industry in the state of Iowa. There are many benefits the Association currently offers including technical training, information exchange, free listing of your business on the IGA website’s public geothermal “Dealer Finder”, linking of your web site, and networking opportunities with your peers.
No, the IGA provides for members from surrounding states and national business, manufactures and associations to join. Our web site is design to promote these members as well. The membership fee is the same.
Membership in the IGA starts every January 1. Membership dues for joining the association after January 1 are pro-rated..
You will receive quarterly newsletters, e-mail updates of critical legislative actions, free listing on the “Dealer Finder” on the IGA website if you so request along with linking of your company web site to your “Dealer Finder” listing if so requested, along with access to training workshops, seminars and conferences at discounted member prices. More information can br found at the following link:IGA Membership

Code of Ethics

The Iowa Geothermal Association encourages you to seek out a high-quality Geothermal contractor for submission of a proposal for your building. When selecting a Geothermal Contractor, you should ask him these questions:

  • Will he have the integrity to say no to my job if completing it would do me an injustice ?
  • Will he prepare a heat loss and heat gain calculation in accordance with accepted industry methods?
  • Will he abide by applicable codes when installing a new or an add-on system?
  • Will he clearly state contract terms and warranties in writing.?
  • Will he fulfill promises for delivery, installation, warranties, and servicing?
  • Will he abide by established industry standards for safety, quality, and performance? What are those standards?
  • Will he install and check the operation of all equipment according to manufacturer’s recommendations?
  • Will he install or modify all air distribution systems according to recommended industry standards.?
  • Will he thoroughly acquaint me the customer with system operation, owner maintenance procedures, and steps that should be taken before calling for service?
  • Will he make every effort to adjust promptly any cause of dissatisfaction?
  • Does he stay diligently abreast of new service techniques and changes made available by manufacturers, the IGA, or others.
  • Will he conduct himself in a professional manner at all times?

All Members of the Iowa Geothermal Association strive to conduct themselves by these standards. When you decide to pursue the services and products of our industry, we encourage you to seek out a member of the Iowa Geothermal Association and discuss these issues with him or her in person. You’ll be glad you did.